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■ Fee 

Membership fee HKD 300


Monthly Lesson fees

Please refer to the course introduction page.

Lesson packages

Students who are not able to attend lesson every week may purchase lesson packages. 

- 1 time (pay-as-you-go): HKD 200 (Beginner Steps Class can be joined at HKD 150)
- 5 times package: HKD 800 (HKD 160 per lesson)  Valid period: 2 months after payment
- 10 times package: HKD 1500 (HKD 150 per lesson) Valid period: 3 months after payment

Students joining classes on a monthly basis will be given priority to participate in performances.
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Trial lessons

Trial lessons and visits are welcomed.
Fee for any Trial Lesson for first-time students will be HKD 100.
The fee for Trial Lesson (HKD 100) will be returned,
If you decided to apply for our membership after Trial Lesson on that day
i.e. free trial lesson for one time upon membership application.
Please contact us if you are interested.
Students who do not have Pa'u skirt or Pareo may borrow them for free during trial lessons.
Please read and agree to the following Membership Rules and Regulations before registration.
  【Membership​​ Rule and Regulations】

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